The inception of DDK first began when the Estimated Time Pool Sharing (ETPS) platform was developed and an asset called DNC, a cryptocurrency, to buy and liquidate physical gold assets with. There were ICE (International Crypto Exchangers) and MICE (Masters International Crypto Exchangers) groups exclusively made to further support the community and expand into potential target markets. The main focus was to make ETPS accessible, understandable to everyone and make it more stable for more and more users.

In October 2017, the idea of a cryptocurrency that’s consensus relied on the (Delegated Proof of Stake) DPoS system came into being and once the ETPS platform was stable enough, that was when the transition phase began into the said cryptocurrency. That is how DDK was discovered, the idea behind DDK was to make it a community centric currency, where the only stakeholders are the community.


DDK will possess characteristics that are beyond its predecessor DNC, rathers than being pegged to the value of gold, DDK will derive its value from the market state, also from the market supply and demand. DDK will also be an independant coin rather than being a token. The greatest difference will be that DDK will be classified as a crypto-currency on CMC and it’s predecessor will be classified as a crypto assets on CMC.


We have also made sure that the new cryptocurrency is decentralized to the core, when the transition phase from ETPS started, ETPS has been operating off of a centralized server and used a PHP structure, which limited it to operate within it’s exchange and a group of people to operate the exchanges.


We are constantly updating our code and innovating to further enhance the community in such a way that we can reach out to places where we aim to make cryptocurrencies readily available to all the masses and create more economic opportunities for the community.

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