DDK is a community platform aiming to create economic opportunities through the development of blockchain solutions. The community network has actively spread across a number of countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Yemen, USA and other countries worldwide. By supporting our community with economic incentives to spread and adopt our platforms through ETPS pre-order MODE, we are able to sustain blockchain projects for the community that provides benefits for them.

The DDK platform uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain. One of the major advantages of a DPoS blockchain for our community is that it depends on community members to participate in the maintenance and security of the platform so that each member’s participation provides benefit for all.

Through the DDK platform our objective is to provide economic opportunity for our community members and continue to innovate and contribute to building blockchain solutions.


With Blockchain technology, DDK provides its users with an easy way to stake their coins and get incentivized. Moreover, the users will be able to participate in the electoral system for the selection of delegates within the platform. For this, the stake holders will have to vote for the candidates of their own choice. All the transactions of vote castings will be stored on the blockchain which makes DDK a secure, faster, and immutable platform. No one can temper the data once it is stored on to it and it would be easy to track that which candidate was selected against which vote by which user.

Not only this, DDK incentivizes its users with exciting rewards on staking and vote casting. These rewards would be in the form of DDKoins: a cryptocurrency, that would be able to get used for staking and convert it into fiat or other crypto. through some global exchangers. All, the user needs is to cast vote for 1 time in a week. On voting for 4 times in a month, the stakeholder would be rewarded with DDKoins

Thus, now investing smart without wait, with DDK.

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