After the transition phase from ETPS to DNC to ultimately DDK, we were unsure if the cryptocurrency would be widely accepted in the community. Even after months and years of rigorous testing of the currency and it’s proprietary platform, the feeling of doubt and uncertainty was still there.

To our surprise, the community wholeheartedly accepted DDK and have been contributing to maintain and improve the platform’s DDKoin.


Seeing the response of the community we quickly got into a brainstorming session about how to contribute to DDK which will increase the community and push DDK to one of the top 10 cryptos down the road.


To store coins and access the platform we have built and tested native clients for mobiles, web and desktop, which would receive regular patches of security and improvements to prevent it from becoming a legacy software. And the stakeholders can solve consensus problems in a democratic manner.


DDK aims to get registered with the Group Exchangers to adopt more users and stakeholders with DDK and to be listed on many famous trading platforms, with classical trading pairs, we are also aiming for DDK to be registered on CoinMarketCap.


Down the road we’ll release more patches to the wallet clients and begin development on interoperability and DDK’s sidechain.


Further down, we will also launch a reputation system, which will rate stakeholders, witnesses and delegates, basically everyone present in the network, to award them with points on their contributions in the network. Public Voting will also be enabled to the network to increase the numbers of digitally signed votes for delegates. We will also launch a Decentralized Exchange for DDK under our own brand where DDK as well as DNC would be listed on by default and all the exchangers can use it.

After the testing of our DEX, we will be integrating on various clients and will release more security patches.


With our tokenomics and financial forecasting, we believe that DDK will reach its maximum supply of 45 Million DDK and no more block awards will be assigned.


This is the initial roadmap we have planned out for the DDK system, but with the help of our community we can further improve the roadmap and add more components which will be beneficial for the community and DDK.

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