DDK is a community centered platform that aims at creating economic opportunities by developing numerous blockchain solutions. The question arises here is that how was this community developed and how did it reach at its current position? To find the answer and understand its evolution, we will have to track down its history.

The community was established back in 2015, when the team developed the idea of pre-ICO for this project – ETPS: a server based ecosystem that used DNC as its currency .

The first instance of ETPS was developed and launched for the public during the year, 2015. To secure the community from malicious attacks and to invite potential members on-board while securing their prestigious data, attention was paid to greatly improve the security of the system. In 2016, when the system was made secure enough, the teams of traders were developed called MICE (Masters of International Crypto Exchanger) and ICE (International Crypto Exchanger) to grow the community. The team also participated in a number of international conferences to promote ETPS and DNC.

Meanwhile, the team launched Universal Bitcoin Wallet (UBW), where DNC can be exchanged with other crypto like BTC, ETH etc. In April 2017, the Universal Bitcoin Wallet London was rebranded to Universal Blockchain Wallet Singapore – with more security patches applied. October 2017 was the transition phase, when ETPS was converted to DDKoin. Moreover, the team decided to make the consensus system based on DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake).

In the mid of 2018, the ETPS platform was ceased in order to develop the DDK interface. DDK, Voting process and DPoS systems were thoroughly tested for their functionality and user-friendliness. The pre-ICO stage was crossed over successfully. And now the team is dedicated to expand the network in the right direction to let potential people know about DDK.

While analysing the DDK platform, we get to know that DDK platform is based on DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain. It is a consensus algorithm and its prime benefit is that it depends upon the community members’ participation for the maintenance and security of the platform. DPoS allows members to choose participants through voting system and elected members are then obliged to verify and maintain the transactions on the platform.

It means community members can democratically decide person who becomes responsible for processing and managing the transactions on the platform.

In return, DDK platform facilitates its members with:

  • Offering different opportunities for economic growth
  • Fastest Transaction Time
  • Data Security
  • Availability of Global Exchanger
  • Direct referral and chain referral rewards

In this way, DDK is a perfect platform for its users to get themselves ready to get more on putting some asset(DDKoins) on stake.

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