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Education is the most powerful weapon!

On 17th November 2018, DDK Management has taken the initiative to collaborate with Trusted Delegates to conduct a Mega DDK DPOS Education 2018 event. This event was conducted simultaneously with a same date, time, agenda and content of the education but with different multiple locations across the world such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hawaii, Thailand and Japan. This event was successfully conducted by Trusted Delegates who came from more than 10 countries that worked together in order to ensure that all stakeholders will get the right information and knowledge from the event.



Meanwhile, DDK management has given fully support on this DDK DPOS Mega Education 2018 event by conducting it in Miri, Sarawak. On this event, Dato Arai Ezzra has been explaining about CMC, the world’s challenges in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and how DDK can be used to solve all the problems. Besides that, our CEO DDK Project Ms Shuhada has explained about the latest update on the progress and process of DDK Project migration and the responsibilities that stakeholders should take to make sure this migration process will be going smoothly. Our CEO also explained about the acceptance of cryptocurrency in Syariah overview to give a further clarification towards user that still has doubts on cryptocurrency project. At the end of our CEO speech, she shared on how to differentiate a genuine legitimate Blockchain projects, with this shared knowledge, DDK Stakeholders are able to identify and make decision to not get involved on any unreliable projects.


Congratulation to Trusted Delegates and Stakeholders who has participate in this event to get the latest information regarding the DDK Project.

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