Dear Sir,


We refer to the above matter and your article dated 10th December 2018 titled “DDK Review: DDKoin Ponzi points staking ROI scheme” (URL Address:

It has come to our attention that the above article contains serious false allegations and inaccurate representation of our team and products. Not only the article was so poorly and unfairly written, the article was a total guesswork where speculations and claims were published without concrete and conclusive proofs.

Please note the following information and details for your urgent attention, reference and article corrections: –

1) We are more than happy to provide our corporate address if there is a need of the same. However, on a daily basis, since our platform is operating online, you can find our contacts information and/or social media accounts on our website, where our support team would be more than happy to entertain your inquiries.

Please understand that cryptocurrency is a digital financial technology operating fully on the internet, with that being said, what is important for you is to study and research on the validity of the online platform features on development platform such as GitHub, please refer ours here -( where you can review and track changes of our platform’s development. Please also educate yourself on cryptocurrency on blockchain ecosystem for you to understand the crypto-world technology.

Also, very bold for you to question and presumed our place of operations, when your portal provide literally no details of your operations, no official portal contact details and not even a name of your ‘writer’, you hide behind the pseudonym of “Oz” spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt to your readers.

2) DDK is NOT a multi-level marketing crypto ponzi, DDK is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) based technology that practices unique voting system to achieve consensus, where the process of verifying that transaction data is valid based on the general agreement of the trust-elected network. Please refer to our website (, examine our Whitepaper ( and familiarize yourself with our platform.

Ethical journalism should be accurate and fair, you should take responsibility for the accuracy of your work by verifying and not oversimplifying information before publishing it. We highly question your portal’s credibility and capability as a trustworthy news outlet and as these ethics were simply ignored.

3) DinarCoin (DNC) is a digital asset pegged to the value of 4.25 grams of 999.9 Karat gold (24K) that was built on the Ethereum ecosystem for stable coin purposes. In order to understand stable coin purposes, you have to seek further understanding of existing DNC projects and developments from our established developer instead of making baseless assumptions.
“It was a short-lived asset that collapsed as soon as investors withheld their funds.”, this a VERY SERIOUS FALSE ALLEGATION, ETPS-DNC platform WAS NOT DROPPED, please find the live transaction data here – (
The platform was CONVERTED AND MIGRATED to DDK platform to integrate blockchain technology to provide the community with a more secure, faster and democratic platform, where we pursue to overcome the shortfall of LISK protocol. The community is fully aware and acknowledged of this decentralized open-source migration and the phases of the migration.

With reference to other DPoS platform such as LISK or Bitshare’s appointment of their respective delegates as the validators of their platform’s transactions, we have our Trusted Delegates as our binding authorized representatives that have been continuously organizing educations and awareness programs to ensure that once our decentralized migration is finalized, the community would be able to experience blockchain technology, services and solutions through our platform.

Through these education programs and modules, the community have been strictly advised and reminded on the nature and characteristic of decentralized platform, terms and conditions and disclaimers of our platform and their responsibilities and roles towards and as a DDK community.

If you need further information on delegates mechanisms and its verification process, please refer and feel free to contact our Trusted Delegates’ from this list – ( where they are able to educate you further on the difference of DPoS as compared to Proof-ofWork (POW) and Proof-of-Stake (POS) crypto based projects. Once again, we would like to reiterate that you can find complete information and background of our platform from our whitepaper. Our support team is also ready to help and assist you on your questions, as mentioned our contact details and social media accounts can be found on our website.

4) DDK is backed and endorsed by a utility token legal opinion from Law&Trust International, an international law firm that provides legal support for Blockchain and ICO projects. (Please find the legal opinion at
5) DDK platform is a hard-fork protocol from LISK, your poor assumption of our reputations and credibility reflects your poor capabilities to conduct proper researches of our platform, giving no fairness to our achievements and potentials.

6) “Azrainuddin Zainal, Nur Ezdiani and Nurshuhada Zainal are collecting real money from DDK affiliates”. This is yet again a VERY SERIOUS FALSE ALLEGATION, that you simply published without any legal backing. As we are moving towards 100% decentralized system and open source project, we have allocated pre-mined allocation of 1.7 million token of DDKoins for the stakeholders and thus, it is very clear that you failed to understand the concept of cryptocurrency project, where through pre-mined allocations, stakeholders are holding their own real valuable asset that they are able to stake through our DPOS technology to receive rewards as per clearly stated in our whitepaper.

7) We have been very transparent on the progress and development of DDK platform to our community and the information is also available within our public domain, just a few clicks away at where you can find announcements, documentations and supplementary information of our platform.
8) We suggest you to confirm all facts, consider and analyze your sources before publishing article to validate your credibility and capability as a writer. We strongly urge for you and your team to do deep ethical research and study before publishing inaccurate and insensible articles.

We demand urgent corrections of erroneous information and retractions of false allegation and mere assumptions in the article within Fourteen (14) days from the date of this letter to avoid legal complications as continued publication of the flawed article will significantly hurt our reputation and caused negative perceptions.
Your prompt action and cooperation on this matter is highly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Chief Executive Officer

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