Transaction signing is one of those technical concepts of DDK platform, which should be understood by all the users to do transactions of all types.

On DDK platform, the sender must sign every transaction available on the platform prior to the acceptance by the network. This process is called transaction signing and is identical for all transactions.

To present all types of transactions, you need to present the following fields:

  • You should identify the type of transaction through an integer of 8 bits.
  • When you have created a transaction, you need an epoch timestamp of 32 bits.
  • The public key of the issuer is also required of 256 bits for the transaction.
  • To represent the amount of DDK, which is needed to transfer, you will use a 64-bit

Some other fields are also required, which are dependent on the transaction type. After the generation of the data block, it is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm. Through using the key pair of the issuer, the sender signs the transaction. When the issuer enables the second passphrase, he appends the first signature after ending the data block. He repeats the process and generates a second signature.

For multisignature accounts, the same process is required. Through this process, the system generates a transaction ID. The system needs to complete signature information for taking the data block and computes the transaction ID. After this process, SHA-256 is used to hash the block and the system reverses first 8 bytes of the hash and considers it as the transaction ID.

The fee, which is required for the transactions on DDK are as follows:

Type of Transaction Description Fees
Peer-to-Peer transfer This is a transaction on non-staked coins from a DDK user to another DDK user on the platform. 0.01% from the amount transferred
Transfer to Global Exchange This is a transaction from DDK Platform to Global Exchanger. 0.01% from the amount transferred
Second Passphrase Registration This is a security option that requires an account to have an additional passphrase for backup security. 0.01 DDKoin
Multi-Signature registration This is a security option that requires the signature of multiple key in order for backup security. 0.1 DDKoin
Stake DDkoin This is the fee paid for entering DDKoins into staking contract. 0.01% from amount of DDKoin to be staked
Transfer of Staked DDKoin This is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transaction of staked DDKoin. 10% from amount of staked DDKoin
Voting This is a fee paid for the act of voting for a delegate 0.01% per vote
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