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Dear Trusted Delegates and Stakeholders,

As announced yesterday, we have done the testing and we have waited the server to create a new database for blockchain from MasterNode database which caused the blockchain system to load for more than 8 hours. We would like to inform that all processes will be settled by today, so all stakeholders will be able to do their 4th voting. Once stakeholders completed the 4th vote, the staking rewards will be automatically transferred in Stakeholders’ DDK account. Not only that, the airdrop rewards will be claimable for direct and chain referral rewards.

Please be informed, that our system is still in a fragile condition which DDK Management has decided that we need to limit the traffic towards the system by allowing only 4000 person per 12 hours to kick off the Multiple Node Relaunch. This is to prevent the system from having any lagging or issues, if all stakeholders are doing the transactions in one time. There were only 8 TD’s (4 from big group and 4 from a big countries) that will be given a domain link for transaction. All stakeholders are required to get the domain link from these 8 TD’s.

TD’s from big country:

  1. DDK_Brunei
  2. DDK_Indonesia
  3. DDK_Japan
  4. DDK_Thailand

TD’s with big community:

  3. GFAlliance
  4. Universal_UFO

Below is the screenshot from our new domain link that the link will be provided by management directly to the 8 TD’s listed above. Please follow the guidelines that provided by these TD’s. Stakeholder may refer to these TD’s for any enquiries.


We really hope that every Stakeholders can give a high cooperation towards this process and keep on realizing that each of us have our own role and responsibilities in order to make this project successful. DDK Management will always ensure that we will keep on moving towards our goal which is to be 100% decentralized and listing in Coin Market Capped. Apologized for any inconvenient along the way to reach the goal and we really appreciate the supports and loyalty of entire Stakeholders towards this project.

In any latest updates and development of DDK Developers task and due date you may read from this link – & for those who have deeper understanding on coding and DDK Core you may read from this link –


Thank you.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

Cc to Founders




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