Dear Trusted Delegates and Stakeholders,

We would like to inform that on the night of 12th January 2018 until 5am (Malaysia Time) during our continuous testing and monitoring on the Block heights and the progress, currently we are able to do voting and other transactions at any time (*regardless the Blockchain Heights less than 1 minutes shown in DDK Blockchain Menu Tab).

DDK DPOS platform looks more stable now and able to be running smoothly in progressively manner. DDK Management have send the Subdomain Link to the 8 Trusted Delegates that we have mention in the previous announcement ( for stakeholders to login and make actual transactions under the purview of management close-monitoring. Thus, everyone is allowed to make transactions and log-in into the platform, BUT stakeholders, please be reminded to follow the rules that was SET by each group of Trusted Delegates. This guidelines and rules must be follow STRICTLY during the Beta Testing period until there are 1 official announcement that this DDK DPOS Platform is 100% stable and able to cater entire transactions smoothly in 100% decentralized network.

During this limited distribution of Sub-Domain Links, we must work closely with Trusted Delegates (TDs) on handling Stakeholders in order to limit the distribution of the links. IF there are Stakeholders who did not follow guideline and rules SET by TDs to ensure this planning succeed during this Testing Period, we take this matter as an irresponsible situation which we have clearly announced that the transaction has being limited ONLY by maximum of 500 people at one time to reduce the Blockchain Loading to the network within this two (2) weeks. Please be reminded, that our system is still in a fragile condition and at this moment stakeholders need to follow this rule.

We have found out that currently there are videos that explain about the 4th Vote which has been spread by the stakeholders. Hence, we hope that stakeholders will always remember to put a disclaimer notice on your video before you post it on Facebook, YouTube or any social medias. This is to reduce the confusion on the video either it was during the testing period or real transaction. We really hope that Trusted Delegates do not be triggered towards the situation of when stakeholders informed, the TD’s are not responsible and late in giving the Subdomain link to them as it was the rule that all TD’s and stakeholders need to follow. Stakeholders need to understand that those videos and screenshots of any transactions that shown by other Stakeholders at this moment is showing proofs that DDK DPOS platform is a genuine DDK DPOS Main-Net network project planning. However, stakeholders MUST be patient in waiting for their turn to receive the link from TD. We totally understand the pressure from Stakeholders and it’s our burden as well when we see the situations is not following as good as planned, but again we must remember that right now we must focus on ensuring smooth amount of transaction that can be done in the platform.

Therefore, Trusted Delegates may distribute the Subdomain link that has been given to stakeholders when the blockchain heights achieved less than 1 minute’s stability of the ddk blockchain performance. Again, please be reminded to STRICTLY follow the rules that have SET for stakeholders. Never put the link in any group of media social because we do not want to create any system difficulties during this period as the network is still fragile. Also, please be reminded that the servers’ performance is still undergo an ongoing monitoring by DDK developers. Thus, every time you have any feedbacks, please send it to As they were a discovery which we can see clearly that the blocks stop generated (308,919 block height) and developer will work to fix the current situation to enable back block to be create and allowing MORE transaction to be made.

On the other hand, please be reminded on below rules before Stakeholders are allowed to make transactions:

  1. Firstly, always clicked on “DDK Blockchain” menu and look at the block and either the block create under 1 minute or not. If the block shown less than 1 minute, meaning that network block heights is stable for you to make transaction.
  2. If NOT, please do not make any transaction as the wallet is not sync with the latest data and will appeared any unstable amount (-ve) of balance and value not sync.
  3. After login into the platform, choose the delegate to be voted and proceed to vote.
  4. Once the voting is done, please check at the dashboard, for the 4th voting, as there should appear an “icon” for the successful 4th voting, to show the amount of your Staking Reward.
  5. Check and click at menu “DDK Staking” to see how many votes that you have made and please also check on the Vote time remaining to confirm the vote done is it the 3rd or 4th

TD needs to always remind stakeholders about this voting steps, even after the platform are stable, they need to follow this before they are making any transaction as the Blockchain Heights is very important point to refers on before do any transactions in any Blockchain Platform. Please REMEMBER to check MENU in DDK Web wallet “DDK Blockchain” if the block healthy or not BEFORE making any transactions. We have made and enable around 1600 DDK of Staking Reward has been rewarded transparently and distribute into 8 Nodes/Web wallet that we launch on Multiple Node.

Hence, please use as per current Subdomain Link provided to your TD and if there are any changes, as announced its only applicable within 12 hours for the Sub-domain, DDK Management will send the new link personally to TDs for each group.

Hope this announcement could give a clarification to you. All stakeholders should congratulate to yourself that you have successfully be at this stage. There are no other appreciations that DDK Management could do to honour our Trusted Delegates that always in a high spirit to take care of Stakeholders and educate them.

In any latest updates and development of DDK Developers task and due date you may read from this link — & for those who have deeper understanding on coding and DDK Core you may read from this link —

Thank you.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

Cc to Founders

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