Dear Stakeholders DDK DPOS,

As announced on 7th January 2019 (1.30 am Malaysia Time), please be reminded that we are going to launch the DDK Main-Net in Multiple nodes as at 9th January 2019. Therefore, please note that entire developers are working very hard on delivering this platform for entire Stakeholders to do their 4th voting as at around 11:00 PM to 11:30 PM (23:30) Ukraine Time which mean, it will be around 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM Singapore/Malaysia Time.

The focus of entire developers in order to ensure this time voting and entire transaction partially optimized will be successful. Please be reminded that as mentioned in the official announcement previously, DDK Developers will be doing within 1 (one) month for this optimization. Thus, please give them room for major optimization as below continuously:-

1. Voting system for huge transaction and focusing on 4th voting

2. Server Performance for high database running

3. History synchronization for each transaction done in the platform

4. DDK Main-Net Explorer synchronization

5. Domain changes for secured link of IPs

6. Change engine for UI (User-Interface) from node express to Nginx

7. Fixing bugs that does not have logic in LISK as compared in DDK DPOS platform

8. Developing PG DB Master to solved issues on platform stability

9. Fixed Elasticsearch cache

In the Technical terms of the current critical developments are pointed out as below:

1. Change the transaction verification on before and after undo unconfirmed.

2. Add slave PG dB and connect Elasticsearch to it.

3. Install the Nginx server on the enter.

4. Split requests

5. Add cash

6. Add priorities of requests (internal/ external)

7. Install Webpack

8. Nginx for explorer

9. Fix get bytes transactions

Thus, towards this Re-launching of DDK DPOS Main-net please refer as below steps:

1. DDK Management will provide the dedicated domain name for stakeholders to Trusted Delegates (TDs) and Sub-Trusted Delegates (Sub-TDs).

2. This Domain name will assigned based on Groups as below:

a. DDK_Brunei

b. DDK_Indonesia

c. DDK_Japan

d. DDK_Thailand



g. GFAlliance

h. Universal_UFO

3. Therefore, please seek advise from President/CEO/Founder/Team Leader/person assigned of the above mentioned teams and groups. DDK Management will send directly to them when the exact time happen.

4. Every nodes will be in limited number of users allow to enter the Domain link. Therefore, please have a strategic planning within groups before you all enter aggressively towards the platform in order to reduce the maximum load.

5. This exercise will be practise maximum of 2 (two) weeks on a detail monitoring of the platform performance and stability from the relaunching date.

6. Major Optimization period will be done on timely basis from developer end.

We really hope that this time every Stakeholders will follow the mechanisms, rules and strategy that TDs will advise you to do. We do not want this relaunching planning will fail and everyone is entering the platform at 1 time overload the system and make the system congested throughout this 2 weeks. We also would like to avoid stakeholders to do same and duplicate transaction at one time and please always check on the DDK Explorer whenever you done your transactions. We just want to ensure that the goal for voting will succeed for entire users and users may liquidate their DDK liquid and activate their new staking contract for the business expansions.

In any latest updates and development of DDK Developers task and due date you may read from this link — & for those who have deeper understanding on coding and DDK Core you may read from this link —


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Project CEO

Shuhada Zainal

-DDK Management-

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