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Dear Stakeholders,

Appreciate your patience on waiting for the finalization of the AEPOS Protocol for the development on DDK Platform.
Please note that you may check your assets and Staking Account. Any feedback please fill up the result test using link provided below:

Please test as below functions ONLY, other than this will be deployed in Official Mainnet. This is the testing period for below purposes:
1. Check database

Below are the links provided for u to test. Kindly choose whichever is available and block is running well.




Also please write the feedback in English language for better understanding for Developer.

We are doing our level best to deliver the DDK Platform (Mainnet) on time as per schedule. We are waiting from the Audit team to send us the complete report for the complete detailed testing and validation for us to proceed with the exact date of release the Mainnet. In the meantime, DDK Developers will be hardly doing their responsibilities to fix the bugs and issues pertaining to your feedback and report before we may release the Mainnet smoothly for the public.
Thank You for your cooperation.

DDK Management

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