It is no less than a mega achievement for DDK as the coin’s price soared by 40% within the last five days. DDKOIN climbed USD 7 than its 20th October rate, which was USD 5.1. Earlier this week, the coin also surged it is 100% high, hitting one month high. The DPoS backed, 5th fastest cryptocurrency platform is of extreme value following its distinct value. It does not only give a futuristic opportunity to coin holders but also enables merchants to accept DDK in trade.

The considerable surge is of ultimate significance following a slight increase in the market observed. DDKOIN, whereas, ranks 269 among cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap (CMC) with a market cap of 11,795,545 USD. Its total supply of 45,000,000 DDK with the circulating supply of 1,710,000 DDK. At the time of composing the report, 24-hour trade volume is 89,134 USD.

As compared to scores of cryptocurrencies with zero or almost negligible value, DDKOIN is a coin of the future with a good return on investment. It is a step towards limited fluctuation (negative), offering stability. For this purpose, it is using community-based census mechanism, DPoS, adding swiftness, security, and stability to its system.

The recent core update, AEPoS, had made DDKOIN a mainstream fastest transaction platform enabling it to cope with increasing industry needs. From its time of launch to now, DDKOIN has always strived hard, keeping its promise of maintaining the community a primary focus. There is no second thought that it is the best opportunity for long term investment with the vision of making cryptocurrency a mainstream.

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