With each passing day, a number of organizations are shifting their process on blockchain as well blockchain investment is also getting hype in the industry. So as DDK is making continuous efforts to enhance its community-based blockchain platform implementing advanced Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. It strives hard to induce new changes for enhanced performance. 

Keepings its previous record intact, DDK achieved another milestone by being placed on the list of top 10 APAC Blockchain Solution Providers. Salena James, Managing Editor awarded the certificate. The report published by CIO Advisor in September 2019. The page 16-17, and 27 of the magazine mentions the significant escalation of blockchain in different industries, including healthcare, supply chain, finance, and administration. Firms are using hybrid blockchain functions (public and private) in specific use-cases for enhanced functionalities.  (https://www.cioadvisorapac.com/magazines/September2019/Blockchain/)

To know more about DDK achievements, vision, and mission read the report published by CIO about DDK – titled: Reinventing Community-centric Blockchain.

The magazine enlists 10 companies, including DDK that are an active part of stakeholders’ talks among tech circle offering user-friendly solutions.

About CIO Advisor:

CIO Advisor is an online magazine that enables APAC (Asia-Pacific)-based founders, CIO’s, CTO’s and other senior IT buyers and decision-makers of medium to large enterprises to share their experience, wisdom, and advice. Recently, CIO Advisor also awarded certificates to excellence certificates to firms, which are participating in the development of Asia-Pacific.

This achievement will make DDK be more recognized in the future and achieve the goal to be the top blockchain company that are offering an opensource blockchain solution globally. The achievement boosted the confidence of the entire DDK team to offer more robust solutions to our worldwide community.

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