Hello DDK Community!

So, have waited too waited with bated breath for a trading competition? 

We know that you are very anxious about learning DDK trading competition on ExMarkets, its terms and conditions (T&C) and kick off date. So, here we are to tell you.

Commencement Date: Tuesday, 5th November 2019, 12:00 GMT 

End Date: Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 12:00 GMT

Terms and Conditions of the Trading Competition are as follows:

  2. Trading fees: 0.1% for all DKK pairs
  3. Maximum 18 winners will be selected among whom the prize pool will be shared.
  4. The competition will comprise of three ten-day long stages.
  5. Small prizes: 50 DDK prize will be given every 2 days to the trader who has the biggest

trading volume (at least 100 DKK coins bought) during those 2 days.

  1. Big prizes: 500 DDK + 7.5 ETH will be given every 10 days to the trader who has the
  2. biggest accumulated trading volume in DDK trading pairs during the whole period (At least 1000 DKK coins bought).
  3. Results of the trading competition will be shown and updated every 2 days on a special page where users’ Account and Volumes will be revealed.

So, get ready to participate in DDK trading competition tomorrow to win maximum prizes. 

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