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It’s almost a month we launched DDK Delegate Support Channel to bridge the gap between delegates and developers. The channel aimed at providing uninterrupted assistance to the delegates making things convenient. DDK lead development team ESKA provides support within 12 hours of application submission. 

A delegate is a democratically-elected by the members of DDK community to be in the top 101 list and was given the trusted position to process and manage transactions on the DDK platform. To be a delegate, they need to set up their own node and server to be given the premium position to process and manage the transactions on the DDK platform.

Delegate will be digitally authorizing the transactions on the network. They, (like default stakeholders) also provide security to the network by operating as delegates to process transactions. In regard to the processing and recording of the transactions, a delegate is rewarded with DDKoin(s).

Delegate roles on the Platform

-Keeping and maintaining own node(s) running

-Collecting transactions across the network into blocks

-Processing and validating transactions

However, many delegates do not know how to avail of this opportunity and write to us to help them out. We also received various queries, such as when delegates can use the support channel and how does it work. 

DDK Delegates Support Channel Helps to Deal With:

Provided by ESKA, the delegate support portal is a secure application where all data is locked and encrypted for admin access only. It assists you to cope with:

  • Preparation of software for node installation
  • Installation of updates following new releases
  • Node troubleshooting for the existing/current setup
  • Online node monitoring to keep in check current server status
  • Automated status notifications if node stopped forging

How to Get Yourself Prepared for Delegate Support System?

First of all, you should register yourself as a delegate by:

  • Create a delegate name and passphrase.

User must have 10 DDK in his/her account to register as a delegate. Whereas, 10 DDK is a delegate registration fee as well.

Server Requirements:

“Your server should consist of at least 16 GB Memory, 4 CPUs, and 100 GB space to get registered as a delegate.”

To avail DDK support:

 Be sure to subscribe to your server, before proceeding to DDK delegate support registration.

Register yourself at

  • Confirm your email address and login
  • Set up your profile by providing the required information

Profile Set Upped? Let’s move towards payment option:

  • Click on “Buy Support,” fill in card data and pay. The payment will be processed via LiqPay. 
  • Subscription charges are $30/month for each node. 

The subscription is charged by ESKA is NOT ANY WAY RELATED TO DDK MANAGEMENT. The charges are exclusively between ESKA and users only.

  • Now you are ready to get support. 
  • Punch the “New Ticket” button and file your request. 
  • The support team will get back to you within 12 working hours as per UkraineTime.

Have any questions or ambiguities regarding the process? Feel free to ask us. Also, don’t forget to give your comments in the comment box below and follow our social channels too.

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