We are proud to announce that DDK has fulfilled another promise and accomplished another milestone by getting listed on VinDAX exchange on 26th November 2019. Earlier, DDK has claimed that DDKOIN will get listed on five global crypto exchanges before 2020. As per CoinMarketCap (CMC), the exchange has 174 active markets (currency pairs), out of which 121 are verified by CMC.

VinDAX enables users to see comprehensive data charts, highs/lows, market trends, price and volume of each currency. It also allows them to track progress of each crypto pair, its 24 hour high and low. 

The exchange has a volume of 509,037,818 USD (as per 26th November data). Based in Vietnam, VinDAX is the most Optimized-Trading-Fee Crypto Exchange of the time, costing 0.05% as a general trading fee. However, trading fees are determined by VD balance, which is evaluated daily at 00:00 AM UTC.

VinDAX has opened trading for DDKOIN today against these pairs DDK/BTC, DDK/ETH, DDK/VD, and DDK/USDT enabling investors to deposit as well as play part in buying and selling activities with ultimate convenience.

Go and register yourself with VinDAX now to explore the booming DDKOIN market, and also participate in buying and selling activities. Earlier, DDK is also registered with SIMEX, DOBI, FINEXBOX, and ExMarkets offering its community the best platforms to meet their investment needs. The cryptocurrency promises high return on investment (ROI) as well as DDK keeps arranging interesting and informative activities for its community to build ultimate trust between the company and community. Not limited to it, but the activities play a major role to increase the value of a coin.

You can visit VinDAX exchage by clicking the link below:

Visit DDK Website: http://tiny.cc/rddi8y

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Stay tuned with us. Keep supporting DDk.

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