Google Trends show that Google searches for Bitcoin (BTC) has sparked fresh interest from mainstream consumers after the coin price plunges the lowest of the six months. The coin dropped to 6.6k USD this week since May.

The crypto coin fallen its value more than 35% from October’s $10,000. And, if we considerJune 2019’s $14,000 its value dropped over 50%. 

Other related top searched terms are bitcoin price, bitcoin usd, kurs bitcoin, bitcoin news, and bitcoin price usd. These terms gained a massive popularity over the past week following the end of October when currency touched the figures of 10,000 USD. Similarly, ‘Bitcoin halving’ also made highlights these days. 

Following the recent event, most of the searches came from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Austria, and Switzerland. Whereas, Germany, United States, Australia and the United Arab Emirates were also among the top 20 regions. 

We observe the bearish trend of Bitcoin since last couple of months. Experts indicate that this bearish trend will continue to stay here by 2020 as well. 

This is a right time for investors to invest in bitcoin, altcoins including DDK that comes with potential to grow. DDK is a democratic community-based platform that enables its community to explore massive economic opportunities. Working on Delegated Proof of Stake DPoS mechanism its cryptocurrency, DDKOIN, offers ultimate usability enabling online merchant payments, investment opportunities and much more.

Though the infant, yet the currency has made several memorable highs such as it touched the figure of $30 in September 2019. Investors can buy it now at low rates to earn maximum profit in the future.

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