EVENT : Connecting Digital Ecosystems Asia (CoDE Asia 2019)

The speed of technology has left many of us far behind. Therefore, DINEX Management and DNC Management will never miss the opportunity to attend a conference that discusses technology and blockchain. The pace in the financial technology industry has forced many of us to follow and use many of the prodigies in this technology age industry.

Labuan International Business & Financial Center, Malaysia (Labuan IBFC) as one of the leading organizations in technology development and fintech has organized an event to promote the development of knowledge in this industry. Connecting Digital Ecosystems Asia (CoDE Asia 2019) successfully organized in Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 12th December 2019.

A total of 24 speakers & moderators were invited globally to share this technology. Where on average most speakers are excited about a product developed from blockchain technology. The following is a list of speakers who participated in this conference Danial Mah Abdullah (Director-General, Labuan Financial Services Authority), Akihiro Yamamoto (Managing Director, SBI Ventures Malaysia Sdn. Bhd), Andras Kristof (Director of Industrial Relations, ACCESS Singapore), Andrew Pal (Chief Strategy Officer APAC, Gibraltar Stock Exchange), Anson Zeall (Chairman, ACCESS Singapore), & Arthur Lee (Labuan Fintech Association Pro-Tem Committee).

The one-day program is divided into 5 main elements:

Digital Finance Intermediation: Industry 4.0 and Beyond
The session provides an overview of the digital asset and finance industry, including current and emerging trends globally. Panelists discuss on the underlying implications of these trends, as well as opportunities and challenges in this rapidly evolving space.

Facilitating Asia’s Digital Revolution: Curating a Sustainable Ecosystem
Identify and bridge the gaps between conventional and digital finance by examining differences in mindset, culture and ethos. Once bridged, would the universal acceptability of digital innovation and fintech provide a pathway for the convergence of both worlds.

Digital Trailblazers: Raw Insights from the Ether
Leading players talk about respective digital journeys, challenges they have had to overcome enroute towards the successful launch of their digital ventures.

Great Idea! Now What?
With Asia being the growth engine of the world and is home to a robust digital economy, local start-ups are sitting high on the radar of global investors. The discussion about what are investors looking for in regional start-ups and how are these criteria different compared to other markets.

Regional Fintech Mashup
In the last discussion, the representatives from Digital and Fintech Associations discuss about the milestones for the year and what may we look forward to in 2020 and their outlook for the industry, potential upside and pitfalls moving forward.


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