DDK has a platform and a team dedicated towards promotion and success. With the recent growth DDK has shown and the potential it holds, DDK’s success is inevitable. Here we have some reasons on why DDK can be successful;

Firstly, DDK has a limited supply of 45 million which will lead to eventual increase in value keeping in mind the rate with which its demand is increasing. Secondly, so far only 8% of DDK is pre-mined which means it still has a long way to go. The pre-mined ddk falls into 5 different categories, 1% of it is reserved in global exchanger, 1% is DDK foundation allocation, 0.8% is ETPS pending group bonus, 3.8% are held by existing users, and the remaining 2% are airdrop rewards.

Thirdly, the DDK community has massively grown, rising from 180,000 to 300,000 users in a period of almost 18 months. Coming to fourth point, DDK is also listed on coin market cap and was ranked at 376 as of 12/12/2019. These stats show how DDK is making itself relevant and recognized in today’s market and how the growth makes the future look so bright.

5th point in the list is; DDK is also suitable for micro-payment due to low fee charges of 0.01%. The minimum amount of DDK that can be transferred through one transaction is 0.0001 DDKoins. This increases the usability of the coin making it usable in a rare case scenario. Sixth, DDK Platform used DPoS a democratic protocol with the most decentralised consensus and has been upgraded into (NEW CORE) AEPOS with more powerful Blockchain capacity. Seventh point to support the claim, DDK Increases staking reward to compensate stakeholders instead of focusing on miners/delegates like other crypto. Forging reward is not applicable.

Eighthly,  DDK has an extremely wide ecosystem with offices, partners and delegates spread all around the continent. DDK has branches in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore with their developers or partners residing in Ukraine, Pakistan, Singapore and India. Namely, Eska from Ukraine, Miranz from Pakistan, Dinar exchanger and Blockchains.my from singapore and Chakravuyha and Oodles from India. DDK Delegates are from different countries as well, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, etc

The second last point says that the DDK code is 100 percent open source to be shared on GIthub and Gitlab. All transactions, block heights and Delegate’s activities (Forged/Missed) can be monitored on DDK Explorer. Last but not the least, DDK is Listed in 4 Global Exchangers that accept worldwide trading. These exchanges are DOBI, EXMarket, VinDax & Finexbox Exchange. These facts are proof of how DDK has managed unreal Rapid growth over a short time period and the promise it shows to grow even bigger in the coming years and become a success with the current upgraded development up to 3rd phase, as mentioned in this link https://announcements.ddkoin.com/?p=855

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