DDK Bounty Team would like to Congratulate all DDK Bounty Program participants who received the bounty rewards for November and December 2019.

Following is the list of winners by category:

Translation Category

Zahed bin Abd Aziz

MOHD.ESTA HUSNA BIN ZAINAL (Translated announcements into Malay)

DDKSemarang (M Faiq Rizal) Translate announcement into Indonesian language

Ismail Bin Abinting

Networking Website

Mohamad Redzuan

  • Networking Website Community Platforms With Translation For All Countries (November 2019) Website: www.DDKoin.Net

Vulnerability Report

Talha Saeed

  • This report is about no valid spf record, which can be used to abuse the organization by posing the identity, which allows fake mailing on behalf of respected organization (29th November 2019)
  • Found this vulnerability in DDK website: https://ddkoin.com/. TLS 1.0 has several flaws. An attacker can cause connection failures and they can trigger the use of TLS 1.0 to exploit vulnerabilities like BEAST (Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS). (6th December, 2019)
  • Found this vulnerability in DDK website: https://ddkoin.com/. Vulnerability report: Tab nabbing (6th December, 2019)

Taha Ismail

  • Have found a vulnerability in the website: https://ddkoin.com/. This vulnerability affects Web Server (29th November 2019).

Telegram (November 2019)


DDKoin (Dinar Dirham) (5159 members) https://t.me/DinarDirhamKoin

Bug Issues (November 2019)

Rian Eka Wiratma

  • Report bug issue in DDK website

Bounty Contest (Photo Category 10th Dec,2019)


Pady’s Excellent post on Arabic Night won the first award for its evocative illustrations the pictures were showing from the IBS event.

  • No. 3

Pady’s second post about DDK’s landmark achievement on MOU signing with Innovative International College. The pictures were high-quality,  as well as action-oriented.

Ronny Rosyadi Rahman

Ronny Rosyadi Rahman’s post won the second prize in the DDK Bounty Photo Contest. The picture depicts DDKOINERs passion towards learning – as well as the landscape is also catchy.

The team DDK again congratulates all 11 winners of the six contest categories from November and December. We again encourage rest of the DDK community to participate in our upcoming bounty contest to win load of DDKOINs as a reward.

For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.

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