Another year approaches its final days and it is about time we take a look back at what we have achieved and what we are looking forward to. DDK has shown amazing overall growth throughout the year. With the number of users reaching double of what it was at the start of the year, shows an amazing growth in DDK community. Community growth shows how DDK is ending the year on a high note and how the goals are going to be even bigger in the coming year.

In the year 2019 DDK was listed on 4 global exchanges that accepted worldwide trading. These exchanges include Dobi, Exmarket, Vindax, & Finexbox exchange. DDK also collaborated with Exchanger (EXMarket) for trading competition. Apart from this, DDK was also listed on CoinMarketCap with trading volume $70K USD – 100k USD and $4M USD – 8M USD market capitalization within a period of 5 months, and reached a ranking of 376. DDK currently stands among top 10 APAC Blockchain Solution Providers. Later, the International Blockchain Symposium (IBS) 2.0 was successfully held by DDK. A Collaboration and MOU signing with International Innovative College for Diploma in Blockchain program was also completed. Finally, expanding DDK ecosystem and university collaboration with STIE Nobel Indonesia university from Makassar.

These achievements don’t come in easy, you have to create awareness, reach out to maximum people and this is exactly what DDK did by launching multiple bounty programs and an airdrop that lasted almost the entire year. People won multiple rewards of different amounts of DDK through these bounty programs. DDK later went on to obtain trademark from Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Furthermore, DDK upgraded the explorer and DDK forum for its user interface to make it usable and included some additional features.

DDK reached unexpected highs during the year, and also managed to reach its peak value of around 12 USD in the month of august according to CoinMarketCap and Just like everyone, DDK has set new goals that it is going to achieve in the coming year and further improve its value. All in all, this is what DDK is all about, performing beyond expectations, providing the best services to its users and keep improving. Happy new year to all from DDK team and good luck for achieving your goals in 2020.

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