After a series of successful events in 2019, DDK is back with another prosperous gathering as 2020 kicks-off. On Tuesday, 21st January 2020, DDK Foundation hosted a gathering for exposure on the latest updates. The event venue, Blockspace, Malaysia was filled with 120 attendees for the gathering which started at 8PM and continued till 12AM. The event was broadcasted live on DDK’s official facebook page to make sure the online community does not miss out on all the important updates. If you missed the chance to watch it live, you may click here to watch the full event.

The master founder of DDK, Dato Arai Ezzra started off with the opening speech welcoming all the attendees to the event and further briefing them about the purpose of the gathering. He was followed by the Co-Founder Datin Yanie Ezzra who also welcomed the audience to the event.

Later on, Mr Zahed Abd Aziz stepped up to enrich the audience knowledge with the updates and potential that DNC holds. In his presentation, Mr Zahed talked about the DNC’s potential by explaining how it is backed by gold, crypto, community, and algo. He further explained the DNC updates talking about how their whitepaper simplifies everything including the smart contract, the greenpaper explains about the Syariah compliance and its ecosystem in DNC. Later, talking about the DNC platform he explained the features, functions and importance of the DNC wallet, DNC explorer, and its minting platform. Before ending his speech, he mentioned the future plans of DNC and educated the audience on how the new contract will be better from the old one, and how the process to redeem will be much smoother.

Next up to take over the speaker’s podium was Ms. Shuhada Zainal the Project CEO. She divided her speech in 4 segments which included, technology direction, Mass Adoption Phase, Introduction of DDK Education- Mutant Blockchain Academy (MBA), and

Smart-Alliance Partnership Program (SAP). She explained that the two main projects they will focus on in 2020 are DDK and DNC. She further showed the list of products which will be a part of DDK in 2020, these included DDK Explorer 2.0, DDK Airdrop 2.0 and DDK Asset Issuing. DDK education was later explained which offers blockchain diplomas and certificates. She ended her speech by talking about the Smart-Alliance Partnership Program (SAP). You can watch the full speech by clicking here.

The gathering continued with our partners, ExMarkets which also part of Coinstruction (Expert Blockchain Solution Company in Europe), Mr. Tadas Kasputis (CEO) together with Mr Laurent Bourquin (Strategic partner for Algorithmic trading) presents on DDKoin 2.0 protocol updates. They explained how DDK, a single coin, can be used for multiple uses. DDK Protocol 2.0 consists of DD Smart University, DDVoice, DDK Merchant, DDK Asset Issuing and DDKard. Now, ExMarkets are ready to bring DDKoin to European market. You can watch the full speech by clicking here.

Finally, Mr. Maulana Hasanuddin, CCO DDK, started off with his explanation of Airdrop Reloaded Proposal (ARP). In his speech he answered questions like What is ARP? What is Referral Reward and Chain Reward? What are the requirements for ARP 2.0? And Why you must not ignore Airdrop-Reloaded from DDK Technology.

You can review all the presentations by clicking here. There was a short Q&A session where two winners received special presents from DDK Foundation and also souvenirs were given to our partners Ex Markets and Dobi Exchange as appreciation of their participation. This event ended after the photography session was completed.

More highlights for DDK Technology 2020 Latest Update Gathering event :


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