We all know about the pandemic that has caused havoc all around the world, affecting multiple businesses and events. This coronavirus outbreak has caused crypto companies to change the way they do business. According to a CNBC report, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group – the second company to launch Bitcoin Futures in the U.S. – will stop trading in Chicago on March 13.

CME is one of the largest financial exchanges in the world which trades in agricultural products, cryptocurrencies, fiat, etc. When making the decision, CME referred to the need for caution regarding the spread of the coronavirus. The financial markets in the US were severely affected by the breakout. CME has temporarily suspended trading as a precautionary measure while they look for temporary medical guidance for their trading floor.

So far, coronavirus has caused a lot of flights to be cancelled including travel restrictions between Europe and US. However, there are no plans of closing the trading from the New-york stock exchange.

While CME’s base camp in Chicago will stay open with every one of the 450 staff, some crypto trades and organizations have been actualizing new arrangements in anticipation of the COVID-19 spread. Coinbase, the crypto trade out of San Francisco, and Messari, a crypto examination firm in New York City, have both declared representatives will work from home until further notification.

While some businesses are surviving over their employees working from home, others are forced to shut down. Not all jobs can be practiced from home and that is why it is a moment of concern for every business owner.

On the other hand, the overall world economic structure will be effected too. As Forbes reported, “There is a very real risk of families losing income and businesses of all sizes suffering, as a result of the negative impact COVID-19 will have on slowing economic growth.

Why choose Cryptocurrencies in this difficult time?

It is important to avoid any human contact to avoid the spread of the virus, we need to do this for the sake of our loved ones and everyone around us. Digital money is something that can help you minimize the human contact as you can perform all your actions electronically. This make cryptocurrencies a reliable investment in this difficult time. Meanwhile, DDK is making sure to provide complete services to its users as to avoid any inconvenience in this hour of need. Stay safe while you earn DDK, a reputable cryptocurrency for a better future.

In this moment of chaos, DDK prays for the health of all their users and everyone around the world.  We suggest everyone to stay updated with necessary precautionary measures that need to be taken amidst this crisis. The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus a pandemic and we need to do everything in our power to protect ourselves from it. Here are certain precautionary measures prescribed by WHO that must be taken to reduce risk of covid-19 infection. Follow these instructions, and stay safe.

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