We have experienced a long test and development process in producing DDK CORE 1.0 BLOCKCHAIN. We find ourselves in remarkable circumstances in 2019 and this year in 2020 we have to identify problem as solutions to the global world. The COVID-19 pandemic makes clear our global human interconnectedness and the responsibilities we have to one another.

We have no precedent for its challenges, but we do know that our best response relies on the sort of global online working solution, cooperation, and online community building that sit at the heart of our movement of BELIEF, TRUST and RESPECT to the DDK DPOS Protocol, DDK Delegates, DDK Commando’s Team and all DDK fighters and supporters, who fought against the conventional FIAT based on “Fraction Reserved” by debt and offers solutions using real-world technologies from blockchain and cryptocurrency.

I would like to acknowledge the invaluable work of all the DDKOIN contributors and all partners like BLOCKSPACE ,HMG, DNC, VNDC, COINSTRUCTION, SKTEAM, BCMY, MIRANZ, BESK, UNIVERSAL HORIZON, IIC, COINMARGIN. Thank you for continuing to build the innovative products and services.

Our latest ARP (Decentralize Airdrop) has been distributing hundreds of thousands of DDK since the inception of ARP on February 2020 and has 70% left for anyone looking to get a chance to work online from home with just Staking, Voting, Airdropping and Trading crypto currencies.

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We have proven that, despite the social distancing, we are still able to strengthen our bond by participating in online activities such as discovering something new and be part of the huge cryptocurrency market worth of USD184 billions transactions in the last 24 hours through our partnership with Global Exchangers Exmarkets, Dobi Trade, Finexbox, Vindax and soon Probit, CoinMargin and Surface Exchange.

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In line with the idea of establishing DDK as an open source crypto currency and also expanding the ecosystem, I’ll be launching a link for anyone to integrate DDK into their applications and systems.

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? DDK Restful API :

? DDK Restful API support :

Supporting Tools :

DDK Debugger :
DDK Explorer :
DDK Gitlab :

We will continue to work around the clock to bring you the best DPOS cryptocurrency as a solution for everyone. Now, as always, our priority is to remain worthy of your faith.

Stay safe and take a good care of yourself.



Best regards,
Dato’ Arai Ezzra (DIMP.)
Master Founder,
DDK Foundation.


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