DUREF will help people affected by COVID-19 and will be impartial in supporting and promoting humanitarian missions.

Hi DDK Stakeholders!

During this Pandemic Situation, DDK FOUNDATION has taken the initiative to develop a DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF). We have made this relief fund in order to help people in need. The COVID-19 has displaced many people around the globe. Markets have shut down and people have lost their jobs. This is why, in times like these, the DDK Platform has selflessly stepped forward to help those in need.

The objectives of DUREF is to reach the entire DDK community to help people seeking help. Under this objective, DUREF shall be impartial in supporting and promoting humanitarian missions.

DUREF will also help DDK Stakeholders, their families & surroundings groups affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. DUREF will also collaborate with Movement Control Order for the immediate action to kick-off this initiative.

To make everything work, a specific DDK Main-net Wallet will be registered for raising funds that will be donated to humanitarian aid missions as well as for the distribution. We will be accepting cryptocurrency (DDKoin ONLY) as a mode of contribution to raise the fund. As a kick-start of this initiative, the DDK Foundation will also provide some allocation for those people in the community that are really in need and seriously affected by this COVID-19.

If you are interested to be a donor, kindly scan the QR Code provided in the poster below and send your DDK to DUREF Wallet for distribution. Helping those in need will bring solace to your hearts. It is in these hard times when we see strong people coming forward to help others. Let’s be one of the helpers so we will get helped when we are in need.

DDK Foundation team will ensure that this wallet will be monitored closely and have a special method for those in need to apply using an online form that we will be announced soon on the official website! This will make it easier for us to reach you cross borders with the fastest service of distribution using our DDK AEPOS Blockchain Technology.

Remember, tough times never last, but tough people do.

Stay strong and help those in need.

Let’s spread this!


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