Hi DDK Stakeholders,

The COVID-19 situation has had a severe impact on the entire world. No country, business or person is immune to its effects. This is why the DDK Platform has stepped forward to work for the betterment of the people and the DDK community.

In a bid to inform you about our new initiatives, DDK CEO Nurshuhada Zainal will be giving a live session at 5.00 pm Malaysia Time, today! The live session will be held on our official Facebook page.

In her Live Facebook session, DDK CEO Nurshuhada Zainal will be shedding light on the following points:

  • DDK Challenge Contest
  • Trading Competition (Latest Updates)
  • DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF)
  • The COVID-19 situation in the country along with the opportunity DDK Platform brings in the current testing situation.

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This Facebook LIVE session will be very beneficial for DDK stakeholders, so make sure you participate in it. At DDK Foundation, we are always working hard to benefit our stakeholders in one way or another. We have more facilitating updates lined up for you so stay tuned.

Remember, COVID-19 is spreading fast, so always make sure that you follow the guidelines set by your local authorities. We are all in this together so let’s help each other. Stay safe and stay at home.

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