Hi Everyone!

In the current times, when everyone is staying at home, fighting COVID-19, we thought that it will be great to engage people in a challenge contest that would come with exciting prizes.

We arranged a challenge contest in which people had to share pictures showing them working from home with the right hashtags on Facebook. The ones with the most likes were to be awarded 20 DDK. There were three equal prizes so there had to be three winners.

It was a very interesting contest and many people participated in it. We were simply thrilled by the enthusiasm everyone showed. We received a total of 1220 likes and a massive 209 shares for this final contest. We had 9 finalists and from there, there are only three emerged as the final winners.

So here are our Top 3 Lucky Winners:

Mr. Zmel Grabillo from Phillippines
Mr. Ahmad Mujahir from Indonesia
Mr. Try Neak from Cambodia

All these three winners will be receiving 20 DDK each as reward from DDK Foundation.

We congratulate all the winners and you may check your Facebook message as we will send the details for you to claim your rewards.
We would like to thanks all the contestants who participate in this DDK Challenge Contest . We truly appreciate all your efforts.

Anyone who has missed the DDK Challenge Contest and wants join other contest to win exciting prizes, you can join our bounty contest now. You can find all the details in this blog here: https://bit.ly/2wY1FAM

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