Hi DDK Stakeholders!

The round 2 of DDK Bounty Contest has begun and it will continue until 10th May 2020.

Its Titled: Create. Design. Win! And its great for all the creative minds out there!

It’s all about Creativity, Design and Information and the top three winners will get 20 DDK as reward!

Joining DDK Bounty Contest is simple. All you have to do is to join our forum from this link:  https://forums.ddkoin.com/

Here are the Details:

Create a creative and informative infographic about DDK Forum

Post it on Social Media with an engaging caption explaining the inforgraphic.

Tag DDK Official Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and use Hashtags #DDKFORUM and #DDKBOUNTYCONTEST on the caption.

The Selected Infographic will be posted on the DDK Social Media Page!

The Top Three Contestants will receive 20 DDK each as Reward!

Good luck and happy bounty hunting!

Keep supporting DDK!

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