Hi DDK Stakeholders!

You have been through DDK Bounty Contest Round 1 and you saw people winning prizes.

You have witnessed the conclusion of DDK Bounty Contest Round 2 and you will see more people winning prizes.

But you can’t just sit there and watch people win prizes all the time. You need to get up and start working to win your prize. We are telling you this because an opportunity has just opened up for you.

Yes, DDK Bounty Contest Round 3 has officially begun and it’s more engaging than ever before.

The Third Round is Titled “WE HEARD YOU!” and it will continue until 22nd May 2020.

This round is all about your suggestions to improve the DDK Platform to give more benefits to DDK Community. Thinking about the prize?

Well, if you have your eyes on the prize, we can tell you that this is your chance to win 15DDK just by suggesting a good thing for everyone. And you won’t be alone in winning that prize! The DDK platform has decided that the individuals with the top three suggestions will get a chance to win 15DDK as a reward.

Interested and hungry for more details?

Here they are:

  1. Give your suggestion or idea about what you want DDK Foundation to do or offer that gives benefits to the DDK Community.
  2. Suggestion or Idea must be related to DDK/events/contests/competitions/CSR or any other related activity.
  3. Post your suggestion on DDK Forum (Home>Educational Lounge> Post Anything About DDKoin section)
  4. Idea or Suggestion must be related to DDK and/or DDK foundation.
  5. Idea or Suggestion must be in English and should be of more than 50 words.
  6. The Top Three Contestants will get 15DDK as Reward

Joining DDK Bounty Contest is simple. All you have to do is to join our forum from this link:  https://forums.ddkoin.com/

Good luck and happy bounty hunting!

Keep supporting DDK!

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