Life is all about staking. You stake your money to get an education. Then you stake your time or your life to earn money in jobs. The money you earn is then staked to get a comfortable lifestyle. Your comfortable lifestyle is then staked to bringing up your children and so on.

A better place to stake

You stake something to get another thing in return. So, what if I were to tell you that there is a platform where staking is not only safe, the process is also transparent and the rewards are great! Yes, this is a world built on the blockchain technology. It’s called the DDK Platform and here is how you can benefit from staking your DDKoins there.

Staking and Voting on DDK Platform

DDK is a platform that offers decentralized staking based on cryptography and mathematical running. It is a community-based platform that makes attractive financial opportunities by the utilization of blockchain technology. On this unique platform, people earn money by staking crypto coins and voting for delegates.

On the DDK Platform, there are two main runners of the show. They are the Stakeholders and the Delegates. These people make the decentralized staking based on cryptography and mathematical running possible. Wondering who the stakeholders and delegates are and what they do? Lets break it to you.

  1. The Stakeholders: Users on the platform that have DDKoins and enjoy an important role in staking DDKoin and voting for the Delegates.
  2. The Delegates: A delegate is a democratically elected stakeholder who is given the trusted position to process and manage transactions on the DDK platform.

Contrastingly to the other blockchain-based projects offering cryptos, instead of focusing on the miners, the DDK platform involves staking rewards to compensate the stakeholders. This is a new trend for blockchain-powered projects and it’s very beneficial too.

Want to know something even more interesting? Read on…

Initially, the staking rewards start at 10% and this continues for the first 12 months. Then after every 6 months, you get to see a decline in the percentage by 2%. The decline continues until the stalking rewards reach 2%. So, what happens after that? Well, after that, there is no further decline and the staking reward stays constant. You must also consider that the entire process depends on the voting of delegates. Yes, voting is important. Stakeholders can vote for delegates and unlike the normal world, where the voter gets nothing, on the DDK Platform, the voters get a percentage of the delegate’s earnings they voted for. Now isn’t that fair?

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Massive Room for Growth and Benefits

Before investing in any project, one considers the room of growth. Thankfully, DDKoin has a lot of it. Let me explain. DDKoin has a limited supply of 45 million coins and from this total limited amount, only 8.6% is pre-mined. This means that majority of the coin bank remains unmined. Furthermore, DDK already has an existing community of 180k users, and a low fee factor supports it. This makes it highly suitable for micro-payment. Looking for more benefits? We won’t disappoint you!

DDK employs DPoS, a democratic protocol with the most decentralized consensus. This system allows users to get enhanced financial benefits that are also secure. In a nutshell, the DDK Platform is time-saving, cost-effective, and is even secured by a passphrase that allows for swift transactions. Now, what more can you ask for? Register at the forum by using this link below and start reaping the massive rewards the DDK Platform has in store for you.

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