God helps those who help themselves.

The world today is going through a really difficult situation. COVID-19 is ravaging countries and reaping lives everywhere. As the pandemic continues to spread, professionals risking their lives to keep the citizens of their country deserve recognition. This is why, the DDK Platform, under its humanitarian wing, DDK Universal Relief Fund (DUREF) carried out a relief mission in Borneo. The mission was titled “The Gift of Ramadan Porridge” and here is what happened in it.

The objective of the program was to prepare Iftar Meals in the Holy Month of Ramadan and distribute these meals to help the front line workers who work hard in the pandemic COVID-19 situation.

To ensure transparency and offer the best to the people DUREF organized this program in collaboration with NGO One @ Runner MYY. This NGO was selected because they had experience in conducting such charity programs and they were focused on providing help to those in need in Sarawak.

The Gift Of Ramadan Porridge program was conducted on Friday 22nd May 2020 and the venue of the event was Miri Sarawak, Malaysia. Under this program DUREF successfully distributed a total of 700 porridge meals among the hard working officials of Traffic Police Station, Fire and Rescue Department, Customs Department, Health and Policies Clinic, Miri Hospital, Miri District Police Headquarters (IPD) Miri, Miri Police Station, Office of the Ministry of Domestic Trade Affairs Consumer (KPDNHEP), Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM) and Miri Airport (LTM).

The meals were also received by the Orphanage, Miri Post Office, Miri Federal Court, Malaysian Defense Department (JPM), Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), Road Transport Department (JPJ), Volunteer Department of Malaysia (RELA) at Masjid Ar ‘ Rayyan Permyjaya and staff at the Slaughter Roads and Religious Secondary School (SMK).

The total number of DDK allocated for this program was 36.909 DDK. You may consider this DDK Explorer link to view the transaction https://ddkexplorer.ddkoin.com/account/7520593445405020590

The mission was carried out with responsibility and the DDK Foundation ensured all hygiene requirements. Due to COVID-19, all the volunteers and recipients followed all SOP such as:

  • Social distancing.
  • Use of facial masks.

We thank all the donors who deposited DDK into the DUREF Main-net Wallet. You helped a lot of people who were in need and they were truly thankful to you. This was just one of the many other humanitarian missions that are in DUREF’s plan to be carried out in the future. If you are interested in becoming a Donor, please scan the QR code to deposit your DDK.


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