Hi DDK Stakeholders!

This is to notify you that some individuals have made fake accounts of the DDK Foundation on Facebook and are using them to scam innocent people.

Please Beware of These Scammers

Remember: DDK Foundation will never ask for any BTC or any other currency transfer to participate in any contest.

Disclaimer: DDK Foundation is very concerned and alert on people making misleading information towards DDK tech users. If you come across any misleading posts or pages on the Social Media, please send them to us at support@ddkoin.com.

Your timely information will save many people from being scammed. We will take legal action against those people who mislead or scam others using such practices. DDK Logo has Copyrights Reserved and legal action will be taken against anyone using DDK Logo for personal gains or malicious purposes.

DDK Foundation will not be responsible for the privacy, security, integrity, practices and policies of any third-party engagement.

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