Presenting “DDK Merchant” A New Payment System Launched By The DDK Foundation That Helps You Go Cashless.

Have you ever wondered about venturing into the world of digital payments and using green technology to pay for your shopping goods & needed services? About a digital world where you can get high-end Security with Blockchain Technology! A place where you don’t have to carry your wallets everywhere and have your smartphones do all the shopping. If such were your dreams, we are excited to tell you that they have now come true. Everything mentioned before is available with the DDK Merchant and the best part is, its really economical to shop here. How? Because DDK Merchant offers Crypto borderless transactions with Low crypto transfer fees of only 0.01% Isn’t it the convenience you always wanted?

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If you are a merchant with an online business, DDK Merchant can also present you with an excellent opportunity to market your products or services to thousands of people willing to pay through cryptocurrency. It’s secure and all transactions are safe. It uses DDKoin as a payment method and allows you to use peer to peer transactions (P2P) using DDK Main-Net to buy and sell your products. With DDK Merchant, you can also promote your business using CRYPTO DDK Community.

DDK Foundation is aware that all businesses today are going through a tough time. This is why they have decided to offer free registration and no fees incurred to be listed on DDK Merchant. So enlist your business today and be a part of this unique and beneficial ecosystem.

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