Sometimes people forget that they are participating in a revolutionary experience every time they own a DDKoin or when their DDKoins increase. To understand this revolutionary experience, you will need some information on Fintech, it’s short for Financial Technology and Blockchain Technology is an integral part of it. Due to Fintech, the financial industry has completely reformed itself. Just think about it, every time you transfer your friend some money online or pay a utility bill through your smartphone, you are using Fintech. It’s all around us and from 2020 onwards, its uses are only going to increase!

New Financial Landscape with Countless Opportunities

So, what happens in this landscape if you are a DDK stakeholder? Securing a DDKoin place you at the center of the map. Carefully blending the financial services with the latest technological development, Fintech has helped numerous industries grow.

It’s particularly great for start-ups as it enables crowdfunding. You can also do investments online through Fintech. There is the ease of online banking, online payments, and financial research. Even money exchanging has become transparent and secure. But this is just the beginning. As the world starts using the blockchain technology and upgrades to the digital currency, all transparency and security issues are going to simply wash away.

How Blockchain Technology Works

We all know that blockchain brings transparency and security and ease of access to everyone. But how it makes it all happen? Let’s explain it in seven simple steps.

  1. A transaction is requested.
  2. The transaction is broadcasted to peer-to-peer (P2P) that consists of computers otherwise known as nodes.
  3. The network of algorithms uses known algorithms to validate the transaction and the user’s status.
  4. A verified transaction can involve cryptocurrency, contracts, records, or other information.
  5. The transaction is combined with other transaction once verified to create a new block of data for the ledger.
  6. The new block is added to the existing blockchain (which is permanent and unalterable)
  7. The transaction is now finished (Received).

These were the seven simple steps that explain how the blockchain technology works. If you want to read more such articles and educate yourself further, stay tuned to the DDK Blog.

What’s Even Better With The DDK Blockchain Technology?

Everything is better when you look at the DDK Blockchain Technology. Not only you get to trade in a stable crypto environment, you also get voting and staking rewards. You stake DDK to vote for delegates and both the actions, staking and voting, has rewards that bring you more prosperity.

The cryptocurrency available on the DDK Blockchain is listed on numerous exchanges. You can easily exchange cryptos using the Global Exchanger which is also linked with the DDK Platform. For more info, you can visit:

The strength of a crypto currency comes with its usability and the DDK Foundation has already worked on it. It has launched DDK Merchant to offer buy and sell (Trade) opportunities to people securing DDKoins. It easily uses DDK as a payment method and it allows you to Peer-To-Peer (P2P) using DDK Main-Net to Buy and Sell your products and services in anytime and anywhere!

This new feature will allow merchants to get increased sales and it will also help DDK Stakeholders to use their DDK in making purchases and shopping purposes. This is a great step to help people in using DDKoin for their online shopping. It becomes particularly useful with the current pandemic COVID-19 situation. To register your business, kindly check our website below and add yourself to the merchant list:

These factors make the DDK Blockchain stronger, secure and more usable than any other blockchain available out there.

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