A little donation has been handed over to ASNAF AL BARAKH AMAL HOUSE by DUREF team in cooperation with SRIKANDI MALAYSIA on last Saturday – 18th July 2020. This was a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events held by DUREF Team under DDK Foundation with the intention to help those in need and strengthen the relationships between DDK management and the society. DUREF Team worked together with the Srikandi Malaysia organization to provide school supplies assistance for 25 kids in Rumah Amal Asnaf Al Barakh

The objective of the event was to encourage the kids to study with more enthusiasm using the new school supplies that were provided to them by DUREF. The move was also made to help ease the burden of Rumah Amal Asnaf Al Barakh in providing necessities to the kids.

The event was started at 11.00 am and at 11.15 am the Welcoming speech from Rumah Amal Asnaf Al Barakh, Introduction speech from Mater Founder, YH Dato’ Azrainuddin Zainal and Introduction speech from Srikandi Malaysia was given to the attendees. The session for giving school supplies assistance to the kids by DDK Foundation was held at 12.00 pm and the event was concluded at 1.30 pm.

The School supplies that were given to the students included school uniforms, stationery and face masks. A huge shout out to all the 50 lovely people who helped us and made the program a huge success.

1. Staff and kids from Rumah Amal Asnaf Al Barakh

2. Srikandi Malaysia Organization

3. DDK Foundation and UHSB Organization Staff

4. Press from Berita Harian

We would like to give special thanks also to our DDK Community that has donated to DUREF. Your contribution had helped a lot of people. We really appreciated. In the future we will do more such CSR Programs for helping people.

So, if anyone still want to donate, you may send your DDK at the QR CODE below.

For more information on DUREF, please consider this link:


For more information on the event refer to the links below:

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