Hi Everyone,

It has been difficult for all of us during the COVID19 pandemic. Some people have been hit worse than the others. This Eid there are many people in need so DUREF has decided to do a Qurban on this Eid Adha. The qurban will be shared among the needy.

For this noble cause, DUREF is accepting Eid-ul-Adha Donations for Qurban. Scan the QR CODE in the poster transfer your DDK and donate for the needy.
We hope that by this donation we can help in easing the burden of the needy this EID.

For people interested in donation and people in need, please note that the Qurban will be held on the 1st day of Eid-Adha at Masjid Batu Gajah Perak, Malaysia.

We encourage all DDK Stakeholders to donate generously so everyone can enjoy EID despite COVID-19 situation. Every good deed has a way of returning to its doer. Help people in need today, so you can have help when you need it in the future.

Stay Safe. Save Lives. Donate to DUREF

Thank you.

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For more information on DUREF, please consider this link: https://www.ddkoin.com/ddkDuref

Please note that all transactions for DDK DUREF Main-net account are transparent and open for public at DDK Explorer. Please use the link below to view.
You can collaborate the amount for this charity with min of 0.0001 DDK – the min amount of DDK that can transfer.

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