This EID Adha, many people celebrated with utmost joy. The delicious aromas of meaty cuisines were wafting in the streets and people shared happiness among their relatives, friends and the needy.

This time around, especially due to COVID-19, there were more needy people around. The COVID-19 pandemic has displaced many people and this resulted in loss of livelihood and lives.

Some people were hit worse than the others. We found that there were many people in need this year so our humanitarian wing, DUREF, decided to do a Qurban on this Eid Adha. It was decided that the Qurban will be shared among the needy and people were encouraged to donate in this cause.

The Qurban was held on 31st July 2020 (1st day of Eid-Adha) at Pusat Jagaan Anak Anak Yatim Dan Miskin Nurul Iman, Manjoi, Ipoh Perak that organized by FED Ventures Group. We hope that by this ibadah program, we can help to ease the burden of the residents in Pusat Jagaan Anak Anak Yatim Dan Miskin Nurul Iman. This qurban program was fully paid using DDK. By the grace of Allah, the generosity of the DDK Stakeholders never disappoints. We thank everyone who donated in this cause and helped us to spread happiness among the needy this EID.

The meat was distributed among the poor and the needy. We saw there were happy people all around and that really lifted our spirits. DUREF will continue to organize such events and work for the betterment of the people.

There were two objectives of this event, the first was to distribute or share the qurban meat to the needy to easy their burden and the second one was to get a closer the relationship with community.

Certificate of Qurban service by FED Ventures Group

We encourage all DDK Stakeholders to donate generously in all DUREF causes so everyone can enjoy life despite COVID-19 situation. We maintain that every good deed has a way of returning to its doer and we strongly believe in it. If we help the people in need today, we will be helped in the future when we are in need.

So, if anyone still want to donate, you may send your DDK at the QR CODE below.

For more information on DUREF, please consider this link:

To view the funds distributed for the event purposes please refer to this transaction ID:

Thank You.

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