Women play a great role in our society. They work hard for the betterment of their house and the community. Despite their limitations, the push forward for excellence. This is something we appreciate and respect at the DDK Foundation. We have so many lovely such souls who have made DDK successful today. Among them are DDK CEO, DDK Co-Founder, Asst. Manager of Business Operations and Asst. Manager of Marketing.

To give you glimpse of their professional life and the love they have for their work, we conducted some interviews with them and received some inspiring answers. This article is about them so, without further ado, let’s get right into their inspiring stories.


Datin Nur Ezdiani is known as DYL among the DDK Team. She is the co-founder of a few blockchain’s projects such as DDKOIN and DNC token. Education-wise, she holds a Diploma in Business Management and a Degree in Multimedia Communication. 

Being a strong woman, she likes to take challenges head-on. This is why she chose to work in the Blockchain Technology. She also loves blockchain technology because she believes it has diverse implementation potential. She has been creating digital tokens since 2016. Her first product is known as the DinarCoin. And it is Dinar in the blockchain. And after that, she finished the ICO for the pre-order of DNC and then migrated the into DDKOIN as a pure cryptocurrency since June 2018. 

If you are thinking her work was easy and all she had to do is to sit Infront of a computer and type stuff, let us correct you. She had to tame some great tides and even tsunamis on some occasions to make her project successful. She had to educate the people and fight against the wrong conceptions formed due to lack of information. It wasn’t just the people. Even the Government was against her project at first. 

So, what do you think comes with all that hard work? We asked Datin Nur Ezdiani just that and this is what she said, “We have participated in many blockchain events since 2016 especially in Dubai, Europe and US. We have brought the branding to ensure that our products are relevant and as good as products from abroad. DNC has been nominated in many competitions and has won an award from Shenzen, China as The Most Innovative Gold Fintech Provider in 2016 and also an award as the Top 10 Best Blockchain Solution Provider 2019 in the Asia Pacific for 2019. We are looking forward to other events and achievements this coming year.”

Datin Nur Ezdiani is a visionary leader. She works hard and has a futuristic vision. When asked about where does she saw herself in the future she said, “Various plans have been made and carefully planned so that we can achieve the goals we hold. Every step, decision, the movement we take makes us more careful. Now the world’s having a bigger issue this year. The whole world is almost paralyzed by the current pandemic outbreak. Most of the countries are mourning with the economic recession that has plagued the entire country. In the future, I will take all the necessary opportunities to expand our empire that we have built since 2016 in the blockchain industry. We will create a solution for every pain point and obstacles we have faced by inventing more innovative products using blockchain technology.”

Now, isn’t that something that should inspire all the women out there? Interestingly the story doesn’t stop here. This piece is about the women in blockchain technology so how can we just leave it here without discussing their future and potential in this field? This is why we went ahead and asked Datin about the future of women in the blockchain technology and this is what she said:

“There will be many more women will be involved in blockchain technology; as the eruption of this technology spreads all over the world. Nowadays, women should also step forward and empower this technology. Women also need to be wise and more aggressive by taking any opportunity ahead.”


DDK CEO Nur Shuhada Zainal attained Diploma in Business Studies (UiTM) along with a Degree in Human Sciences Majoring in Political Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Recently completed Oxford Blockchain Program and professionally certified. She is recognized with 10 years of solid experience in financial advisory, wealth management and a Human Resources practitioner. Committed in exploring entrepreneurship and management leadership for more than 5 years. For more than 3 years, have dedicated to utilize knowledge, skills and experiences in managing Financial Technology companies which enable the business to expand globally.

She loves blockchain technology because she believes that it is the latest technology and gives her room to have more skills and knowledge to study and explore.

She has been working with blockchain since 2016 and speaking on the reasons on what inspired her to join, she said, “Blockchain is a revolutionary technology. There are so many use cases and I am sure we can make models on blockchain powered projects that can help the future generations tremendously. Currently, I hold numerous blockchain assets and am working on ways to bring something new in the market as an entrepreneur. I’m surrounded with IT programmers who are tirelessly working with this technology to make our lives better. Blockchain technology is truly inspiring.”

As a woman she had to face many hurdles. There was the issue of acceptance of men that women are not educated enough to handle technical part and when we talk about blockchain and cryptocurrency project, community is the main thing that she had to handle and users from many background and level of educations made her feel the challenge to educate people about this technology.

She thinks that women have a lot of potential in Blockchain since this technology is vast and not just related to cryptocurrency. It also includes business in financial technology thus she thinks that woman have more capability to absorb this knowledge fast and from her opinion woman pay more attention to details in terms of building business in Blockchain and they are also able to manage an organization that comprise of developers, staff and management team in Blockchain companies.

When asked about where will she see herself in the future, she said, “I will be one of the CEO that have the quality of one step ahead as our project has been started in Blockchain environment since 2016. Thus, the knowledge and experience when people don’t understand and still asking what is blockchain, I have advanced myself 5 years ahead. Thus, in future I will be utilizing my skill and knowledge to develop more Blockchain platform that can be benefited the users and building up the ecosystem for community to understand the functions of this Blockchain Technology is for the ease of human daily life and activities.”


DDK Business Operations Assistant Manager Shanafisha is a Computer Science and Mathematics graduate, majoring in Mathematics Management from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM). Currently is working as Assistant Manager Business Operations Department of DDKoin. She actively involves with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2017. She has been recognized as a good team player with excellent interpersonal skills and great multitasking abilities. She is fully dedicated in learning and utilize the knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Interestingly, she accidently got involved with this field. At first, she was just looking for a job after her graduation. It happened she was applying in a fintech company that use blockchain technology and she stumbled upon the DDK Foundation. Start from that there were a lot of things about blockchain that she learnt every day. They made her feel interested to know more about the blockchain technology.

She Loves blockchain technology because she believes that it has become popular due to its successful adoption for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin etc. There are many benefits that society can gain through blockchain technology solution. The characteristic of blockchain is decentralize, provide a better security, faster transaction, and immutability can make any project that use blockchain be more secure and reliable.

When asked about the women in blockchain she said, “For me, there are no differences between the genders when it comes to technology. Both woman and man can face the same hurdles while dealing with this blockchain technology. For me myself, the hurdles that I face throughout the involvement in blockchain is to understand the blockchain itself and the technical terms behind it. I was never heard anything about blockchain before I join the company, so it was totally a new thing to me and I have to learn a lot about it.”

She sees a lot of woman starting to get involved with blockchain technology and in cryptocurrency investment and sees possibilities that in future there will be women who will be experts in the blockchain technology. She even thinks that there will be a new cryptocurrency created by a woman founder.


DDK Marketing Assistant Manager Nazatul Atikah pursued Bachelors’ Degree in Marketing at Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. Utilizing her experiences, skills and knowledge for business marketing (Brand and Communications). Working in Blockchain since 2017, she is committed in providing good strategic, developing marketing strategies as well as advertising strategies to achieve company’s vision, mission, and objectives. She had the golden opportunity to spread awareness of company’s products, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

There were two reasons that inspired her to join this industry. One was to get opportunity to join and learn blockchain with the company and the other was to learn a new things as blockchain is an advanced technology and the more you explore about blockchain and fintech technology, the more interesting it will become.

She loves blockchain technology because she believes that it is a new future technology, it is easy as it can be use anytime, anywhere and very convenient, there are no third parties involved and nothing can stop blockchain. For example, with current Pandemic situation now, blockchain is needed in our daily life. Moreover, blockchain is keep growing and more acceptable.

When asked about the hurdles she faced in this industry as a woman, she said, “it’s a new thing for me as I’ve never learned about it and know nothing. But since I’ve join this team, I’ve learned a lot and know about blockchain and fintech world.”

She believes that people always think that woman cannot be a successful. But nowadays, there are so many women proves that they success in their life and become inspirational to peoples out there. So, it proves that woman also can be success if they have determination and effort in what they do. Blockchain technology is open and borderless. So, nothing can stop anyone to learn about it.

When asked about the future of the blockchain technology, she said, “One fine day, blockchain technology will be accepted and become a phenomenon in this world. So, I’m so thankful that I’ve learn and get a knowledge about it since year 2017. So, I will keep hustling and continue to explore more about blockchain and its unique technology.”

Motivating experiences, aren’t they? This is what we do at the DDK Platform. We motivate people to step into the future and take the maximum benefits of futuristic technologies. People are scared these days, especially with the pandemic outbreak. Most people are focussing only on the negative aspects of the current situation. They are uncertain about the future and have left the struggle. But we believe that the future is bright because we are building the future. The years ahead will see a lot of acceptance of the digital currencies and DDKoin will be among the most successful ones. This is why it’s the best time to invest in DDKoin and make the most out of the current situation. Every cloud has a silver lining and there are a lot of them in the one we are right now. Good luck and stay safe!



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