The year 2020 is still plagued by the Coronavirus pandemic and while some countries have lifted the lockdowns, the spread of the disease continues. Since COVID-19 spreads through touch as well and can contaminate mediums temporarily, many governments have issued notices urging people to be careful while handling cash.

Many disease experts think that paper-based currencies can spread the disease as it is a surface that can carry the virus. The same is with the plastic cards as they exchange hands when it comes to swiping on machines. In this instance, the need of a cryptocurrency becomes vital and cashless transactions are needed to stop the spread of the virus. Quickly analyzing this danger, the DDK Foundation worked hard to find a way to contain the spread and launched DDK Merchant.

DDK Merchant is an ecommerce platform that accepts digital currencies such as DDKoin as payment for products and services listed on it. This makes DDK one of the strongest currencies to support micropayments and perhaps the only digital currency that has stepped forward to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. One mustn’t forget the minds behind the DDK who made it all possible.

Today DDK Merchant is visited by thousands of people who use it to buy their daily needs and pay in cryptocurrency as per their preference. There are also many merchants listed on the portal who are offering their products and services online and accepting DDK as payment. This is the first move towards a successful decentralized economy that is built on cryptocurrency and everything is transparent.

Going cashless was the need of the hour and the DDK platform presented the perfect solution of the issue in the form of DDK Merchant. Breaking down into the technicalities and reasons why it is economical to shop at DDK Merchant, here are some facts. DDK Merchant offers Crypto borderless transactions with low crypto transfer fees of only 0.01%.

Now Isn’t it the convenience we always wanted? For more info, please visit this link:

The DDK Foundation has also observed that many businesses have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and DDK Merchant is the perfect solution for them. While people are staying at their homes, they are still buying their daily needs online. Many businesses couldn’t adapt to this rapid change and had to close, but those that did, ended up with great profits. But still, DDK Foundation is offering all businesses a great chance to come online and benefit from the world of crypto currency.

Market your products or services to thousands of people willing to pay through cryptocurrency. Everything on DDK Merchant is secure and all transactions are safe. DDK Merchant allows you to use peer to peer transactions (P2P) through DDK Main-Net platform to buy and sell products. Registering yourself on DDK Merchant means that you also have a chance to promote your business offerings to the vast DDK Community. So, register now and become a part of this ecosystem. Click the link below to add yourself to the merchant list:  


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