DDK Foundation held its first physical seminar after Movement Control Order (MCO) by Malaysian Government in collaboration with Bengkel Asas Mengurus Aset Digital Seminar. The location of the event was The Mudzaffar, MITC Ayer Keroh, Melaka and it started on 25th September 2020 and continued for three days until 27th September 2020.

The purpose of the program was to provide knowledge on Blockchain technology and also DDK Ecosystem. Trusted Malaysian Delegates, Asmah binti Mohd Top (Delegate Username: sd_ddkoin4u) and Aniza binti Ahmad (Delegate Username: sd_ddkoin4u) took part in it and Hanafiah b. Mahaffar (Delegate Username: td024_alalaadelegate) along with         Norakmaliah bt Othman (Delegate Username: td024_alalaadelegate) assisted the top delegates in their session during the event.

This successful event was attended by a total of 42 attendees’ consisting of DDK Delegates Malaysia and also DDK Stakeholder from Peninsular Malaysia. During the first day, Ms Asmah Mohd Top gave the presentation on DDK Ecosystem and on the second day of the event, the attendees were made aware of all the features available in DDK Main-net along with the description of CoinMargin, CoinMakes, and Global Exchanger. Practical sessions for better understanding were also conducted during the second day.

DDK Management attended the third day of the event in order to convey knowledge about trading and DDK Core 2.1. The information on trading was delivered by Mr Azman Norman (Master Trader Mutant Blockchain Academy from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) and the knowledge about DDK Core 2.1 was imparted by YH Dato ‘Azrainuddin Zainal (Master Founder)

Important people visiting the event on the final day included:

  1. Datin Nur Ezdiani Baharoddin (Co – Founder)
  2. Ms Nurshuhada Zainal (Project CEO)
  3. Mr Radzman Abd Rahim (Company COO)
  4. Mr Hussaini Zaharin (Event & Education)

It was a great event and not only the guest who attended the event went home with their minds full of knowledge in the blockchain technology, crypto-trading and staking, they were also given a special ‘Certificate of Completion’ from Mutant Blockchain Academy to take back home along with wonderful memories about the event.

For more information on the event refer to the links below:

There a few highlights during DDK Core 2.1 Tour (Southern Zone – Melaka), you may refer to the link below:

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