Contest period: 16th November – 27th November 2020 (8.00 pm)

Participate in DDK Bounty Contest 4 to WIN 50 DDK as Reward

Here are the Details:

1) Stake as many DDK as you can because the Top 3 high stakes will get rewards from DDK Foundation

2) To be eligible, the minimum staking amount should be 300 DDK

3) You must show proof of staking amount within the given time period. You can only stake in one transaction only. Please note that accumulation of DDK staking amount will not be counted.

4) All contestants are required to send a copy of transaction ID/Block ID as a proof and email to

Top 3 highest staking amount will be chosen as winners

1st winner – 50 DDK as reward

2nd winner – 30 DDK as reward

3rd winner – 20 DDK as reward


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