Date                : November 2020

Venue              : Kuala Lumpur District

DDK Universal Relief FUND (DUREF) has conducted Cancer Awareness Month throughout November 2020. The program has included 3 main projects namely:

  1. Weekly Informative Posting
  2. Virtual Forum Discussion (Facebook Live)
  3. Kids Fight Cancer Charity Program

All programs have been conducted with the aim to raise awareness about cancer and give full attention and support to cancer fighters around the world.

Strike-out CANCER (Weekly Informative Posting)

The program was conducted throughout the month of November, 2020 and the DDK_Official Facebook Page was used to share several posters on cancer. These posts were published every Friday and their highlighted topics were:

  1. What is Cancer?
  2. Five main categories of Cancer
  3. Three main cancer treatment
  4. Seven best way to prevent Cancer

In this way, DDK Stakeholders can understand the important aspects of Cancer in general. In each post, DUREF also attached the appropriate links in the caption so readers can make further in-depth reading and understanding about the disease.

Strike-out CANCER (Virtual Forum Discussion)

On 20th November 2020, a Virtual Forum Discussion was conducted in collaboration with MAKNA (National Cancer Council Malaysia). Due to the CMCO which has been gazetted by the Malaysian government, this program was conducted virtually and broadcasted internationally. This forum discussion was an interactive program where the audience expressed their opinions, views and questions to the invited panel; the panel directly answered any questions during the live session. This one-hour program featured 3 speakers as well as 1 moderator as mentioned below:

Moderator: Mr Muhammad Nazrul Azza Azhar


  1. Dr Mohd Faiz Taib (MAKNA Medical Officer)
  2. Mr Nu’man Abdul Rahman (MAKNA Exhibition, Talk, and Cancer Awareness Executive)
  3. Ms Siti Rohani Mohammad Dom (Breast Cancer Survivor)

This live session can still be watched by clicking on the link below: or

Strike-out CANCER (Virtual Forum Discussion)

The finale project under the Strike-out Cancer awareness month is Kids Fight Cancer charity program. On 27th November 2020, DUREF celebrated 10 children undergoing cancer treatment around Kuala Lumpur. This program was conducted in collaboration with the NGO Childhood Cancer Parents Support Group (KIDS). This program was further enlivened by the presence of the main-sponsor is CAKELICIOUSMY, who had prepared 10 customize cakes to be distributed among these children.

The recipients were screened by the NGO KIDS where target assistance was given to families with B40 income around Kuala Lumpur. Planning and Preparation was made two weeks before the program was carried out so that this surprise could bring joy to the children fighting cancer.

The program started as early as 10.00 am (Malaysia Time) where all DUREF Committees gathered for safety & SOP briefing so that everyone was aware and careful to run the charity program. Then the committees were asked to go to the cancer children’s home to deliver some token, cakes, and special DDK merchandises to recipients.


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