Hello DDK Stakeholders,

We hope you are all having a great time in numerous activities available on the DDK Platform. The DDK Foundation has always thought of the betterment for the DDK Stakeholders and has organized many Bounty Contests in year 2020 to allow people to win DDK as rewards by doing simple yet engaging tasks.

During August and September 2020, a total of 23 translations took place and this resulted in an expenditure of 280.0194438 DDKAccording to the Vulnerability Report of Sept 2020, there was one participant who received 19.5313 DDK. 

For the first DDK Bounty Contest in which the Mutant Blockchain Academy gave giveaways in October 2020, there were five winners and a total of 20 DDK were awarded to them. For DDK Bounty Contest Round 2- It’s A Game Time, 20 winners were got rewarded total 136 DDK. 

DDK Bounty Contest Round 3- Let’s Selfie With DDKoin was a very interesting one and we received so many selfies from our lovely DDK Stakeholders. There were 20 winners in this contest and the total DDK awarded was 160 DDK in this round. For the DDK Bounty Contest Round 4- DDK Rewards are for You! that was held in mid of November, only three winners with highest DDK stake were selected and they were awarded a total of 100 DDK.

In all these activities, the DDK Foundation spent a total of 715.550743 DDK. We thank all DDK Stakeholders for participating in our contest and look forward to a successful 2021 for all of us.

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