On Thursday, June 20, DDK introduced its new features to provide on the go insights about transactions to DDK community. From stakeholders to delegates, these features will benefit DDK community member who adopted it.

Airdrop Statistics is the key feature DDK introduced recently. Its supply is limited to pre-minded allocation for community members who have received appreciation token from DDK platform following Referral Rewards & Chain Referral Rewards. Other updates are Chain Referral Page and and DDK Blockchain Explorer Page that enable you to verify and check transaction at any moment.

Isn’t it amazing to track your everyday transactions that update every single second? Airdrop Statistics help you to monitor your regular transactions based upon, daily, monthly, weekly, and annually. It also gives you the transaction record based on three months. It also represents data in the form of graphs.

Airdrop Statistics show information about reward history, date and time, total value count, level of the referral chain, and transaction ID. Further, it enables you to obtain transaction history for a specific period based upon your preferences.

Let me clarify you about referral update. The referral update counts two types of referral rewards — direct and chain reward. For direct referral, DDK platform rewards the relevant community member, 10% of the total amount reserved by a new member. Whereas, the referral award is based upon the referral chain. It is the only update of its type that records referral data for transparency in a chain. By clicking the chain, you can see your complete network information, wallet address to ensure transparency.

Subsequently, DDK explorer shows your transaction record by using transaction ID, block, and account address. It also consists of information about delegates, allocated and available supply, token holder, and stakeholders. Members can also check block heights, running blocks, and other relevant details in explorer. It is noteworthy to mention that developers are also striving hard to enhance its functionality by introducing comment column, to catch misleading and unsecured acts.

Overall, DDK’s new updates are advantageous ensuring transaction record and transparency for efficient performance. The platform aims to provide ultimate services to its community members for the enhanced ecosystem.

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