Last week has been a hectic week for DDK Management Team as they held back-to-back meetings and events with Trusted Delegates, Simex Exchanger, and Dobitrade Exchange.


Meeting Between DDK Management and Trusted Delegates Big Groups


The week started with a meeting between DDK management and Trusted Delegate Big Groups representatives which are from FEG, CREV, UFO, GFA, team Indonesia, team Japan, and team Thailand to review business performances and discuss future strategies. The venue of the meeting was Blockspace, Kuala Lumpur. These representatives talked about the future planning of their group and showed how they intend to improve their performances as Trusted Delegates and keep things consistent.

Currently, there is a ‘Road to Trusted Delegates Graduation Contest’ where all Trusted delegates need to participate and perform. Hence, in the meeting, our Project CEO, Ms. Shuhada Zainal has highlighted the performances of each Trusted Delegates on the contest until July. The contest will end in August 2019. The performance of active delegates on DDK explorer was examined, and the delegates with problems in their servers were listed out. All problematic server needs to be checked again with their service provider while the management team will check it with the developer.

Later In the meeting, the Master Founder of DDK, Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra shared a few things on the company’s future planning with Trusted Delegates. The updates were, DDK Platform will release its New Core AEPOS 2.0 with high blockchain speed with up to thousand transactions in 10 seconds, the DDK Explorer will improve the development and add a few new functions and, Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra also updated about the current status of Dinex Exchanger and DNC and the next target on both projects.


Event: Meet-Up with SIMEX Team

On 31st July 2019, Wednesday, DDK team held a meet-up with Simex for DDK Community. Simex is a global exchange network world ranked in top 30 in CMC. The event took place in Blockspace, Kuala Lumpur, 8:30 PM  (Malaysia time).  The event started with speeches from Ms. Shuhada Zainal, Project CEO of DDK, followed by Yang Hormat (YH) Dato’ Arai Ezzra the Master Founder of DDK who talked about company updates. The meeting continued with a shared session between country representatives from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Yamen, Japan and Cambodia who presented updates about their market penetration and activities of DDK in their respective countries.

Later on, Mr. Talha, DNC developer from Miranz Technologies, Lahore, Pakistan, gave his presentation about updates in DNC development. Finally, Mr. Denis Kurilchik the Director and Board Member at Simex inc. from Rusia has presented about the collaboration of SIMEX with DDK and the current performance of DDK in Simex Exchange. Mr. Denis and Mr. Talha were awarded the token of appreciation for their appearance on the event and the event concluded after the photography session.

Meeting with Dobitrade Exchange Team

Lastly, on 2nd of August, 2019 DDK Top management had a meeting with top management of Dobitrade exchange in Blockspace, Kuala Lumpur. Dobitrade is ranked among the top 3 in CoinMarketCap global market listing. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss further on the collaborations and plannings between Dobitarade Exchange and DDK to build a better environment for the benefits of DDK community. A lot of things was being listed out and discussed in the meeting that hopefully can bring a good impact and result in DDK

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