Socios is a sports fan token platform working to build a partnership between football clubs and their fans. The word ‘socios’ is spanish for ‘partners’. Socios uses chiliz blockchain technology to power its app and a tokenized voting platform. Chiliz is a currency that fuels blockchain-backed platforms & products geared toward casual, mainstream consumers.

On February 24th Socios announced the launch of an integrated membership in conjunction with a Fiat crypto prepaid debit card. The new card offers blockchain-based global ID functions. This venture is backed by some high profile crypto names including Binance.

As part of the further development of this platform, Socios has now integrated a blockchain-based global ID number for the mobile Socios app, which serves as a KYC (Know Your Customer) identity tool.

So far Socios has managed to land some of the biggest European footballing giants on their platform including Juventus FC, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, etc. With these names, this platform has already gone huge and will only grow bigger with time. Now fans can use socios to directly be a part of polls created by the club and share their opinions, this will lead to a fan experience never felt before. Blockchain surely is a revolution playing a major role in enhancing the modern world.

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