Dear DDK Stakeholders, DDK Technology users and partners,

Please note that we have extended our collaborations with SIMEX Group Inc. They are not just as our listed Global Exchangers for the ease of DDK trading, however we open for the opportunity for you to have investment portfolios by purchase shares of American public companies through SIMEX Platform.

This unique limited opportunities from this collaborations open up as you are the DDK Stakeholders and DDK technology users with two (2) main opportunities:


You need to buy SIMX Token in SIMEX Platform and you will be offered to exchange your DDK tokens at the stable price of $180 equally with SIMX Token. A SIMX token is a digital representation of shares of Common Stock of Simex Group Inc. – a publicly-traded company incorporated under the law of the State of Nevada, USA. Simex Group Inc. through its subsidiaries and affiliates owns and controls a Simex Platform, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange organized and existing under the laws of the European Union.

In addition, the exchange amount is LIMITED to the price paid for the SIMX Tokens. For Instance, as per current SIMX Token price is $10, thus you need to buy the SIMX Token first from the platform using other token mechanisms such as USDT – . Thus, using USDT you can buy SIMX Token and the same amount (quantity) of SIMX token you may buy using DDK Token.

For Example:

$1,000 = 100 SIMX Token

Additional using DDK                                                

$1,000 = (1,000 / 180) : 5.55 DDK

You get: 100 + 100 SIMX Token to invest


All SIMEX users and clients holding DDK Tokens have an opportunity to transfer their account management to professional investment advisors licensed in the United States in order to form an investment portfolio from US (NASDAQ and NYSE) and Europe (London Stocks Exchange)  publicly and privately traded companies (listed as STO at SIMEX). All DDK tokens holders are eligible to apply for the offer. However, the minimum period is locked for this investment is three (3) months and please be reminded that you will pay a fee of 20% of the profit earned. The dividend paid is at SIMEX Group Inc discretion.

In Summary, with this extended collaborations we are not just open our DDK Stakeholders the opportunity about other investment portfolios but also for DDK Stakeholders to learn on how to increase the value of DDK assets that you hold under your own custody. DDK Foundation with its main partners and subsidiaries companies and Simex Group Inc enthusiasts about this partnership and in fact this collaborations will not just stop here. This is just the beginning, stay tune for more official announcement on our future planning and market expansions!

Risk Disclaimer:

This offer is NOT for U.S. persons and was sent to you based on our knowledge that you are not a U.S. Person in the meaning of the U.S. securities laws. Please immediately delete this e-mail, should you be a U.S. person. We appreciate your courtesy in this matter. 

* THIS IS NOT investment advice. Please ask your investment adviser whether the deal is beneficial for you. The offer is limited to $20,000,000 USD. SIMEX reserve all rights to raise the limits, if and when necessary or applicable. The price of SIMX tokens may vary. 
** The information about the offered securities, shares of common stock of Simex Group Inc. is publicly available. Please note that there may be limitations on the sale and purchase of securities.

*** THIS IS NOT an offer of investment advisory services by the Platform. We will do our best to arrange the services of an investment adviser. Such services, however, are subject to applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, either Simex or the investment adviser may decline your offer at their sole discretion.

DDK shall not be liable for failure in performance or interruption of the Services, which results directly or indirectly from any cause or condition beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any delay or failure due to any act of God, act of civil or military authorities, act of terrorists, civil disturbance, war, strike or other labour dispute, fire, interruption in telecommunications or Internet Services or network provider Services, failure of equipment and/or software, other catastrophe or any other occurrence which is beyond DDK’s reasonable control and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

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