Did you know that DDK Platform providing the Decentralized Airdrop Distribution?

Airdrop rewards is when a crypto organization / projects decided to distribute its coins for free as rewarding to their Stakeholders. Mainly for DDK platform, there are two (2) types of Airdrops, the direct referral Airdrop, and the chain referral Airdrop. DDK launched a Mainnet Airdrop which has both types of rewards in April 2019 (for the Airdrop Statistics page) and allocated the Pre-mined allocations of 900,000 DDK since its 1st introduction of Masternodes

The distribution as at 23rd September 2019 (13:00 SG time), consumed value of 523,767.0749 and consists of 376,232.9251 DDK were left. Since the distribution and the utilization of this Airdrop is more than 500,000 DDK, there are further prediction to complete the Airdrop is by early year of 2020 to entire DDK Stakeholders to grab the limited supply. Average DDK Airdrop distribution within this 4 months after DDK (DDKoin) has been listed in Global Exchanges since 30th May 2019, was about 100,000 DDK per month!

A crypto exchange is a platform used to trade cryptocurrencies. Simex and DOBI trade are two exchange platform where DDK is listed and has been doing exceptionally well with the collaboration with DDK Platform and its ecosystem. According to coinranking.com, DDK has a 24-hour trade volume of $39,864 at the time of writing. Whereas, on DOBI trade in 24-hour trade volume of $44,034.94 (at the time of writing this article). This shows a positive results for DDK which already being in top 300 ranked in its 4 months being listed on the Exchanges, also from additional statistics taken from CoinMarket Cap (CMC).

Exchange Name DDK Price 24 hours trade volume
SIMEX $5.84 $36,727.33
DOBI $5.83 $4,158.24

Apart from this, there has been progressive increased in the number of Mainnet stakeholders which was 180,000 on June 2018 to 227,404 stakeholders currently (23rd September 2019). The total number of token holders has also gone up to 270,000 (Registered platform users). The increase in the number of stakeholders shown the rise in the demand for DDK. With the current DDK price now, more people tend to take this opportunity to buy DDK. These shows the demand and supply concept that applies in DDK which people tend to buy it with low price and do staking using DPOS algorithm (DDK-AEPOS) – https://www.ddkoin.com/documentation/DDK_AEPOS_WHITEPAPER_NEW.pdf – to generate more DDK coins and also to grab the limited Airdrop rewards which affected to the massive distribution of Airdrop allocations. DDK price is significantly dropped due to the facts that based on user’s behavior to buy in volume and to increase the quantity of the DDKoin and HODL DDK in preparation for the future values. Other than that, there are few challenges pertaining to the migration that users from old centralized system would like to withdraw from this platform and their staking contract ends within year-end 2019. Thus for those who demand for DDK starting from year 2020, is the genuine users and Token holders that value DDK progressively and not devalued it.

These statistical reviews shown on how DDK has been making its impact on the crypto market by attracting new users every day. DDK Foundation also has been done a tremendous collaborations and partnership to increase the value of DDK especially on its technology advancement and also new market penetrations. That is the reason why entire crypto players, Blockchain enthusiasts and Stakeholders must also understand Staking and Generating Passive Income in the World of Cryptocurrency using this new technology is very important. Becoming DDK Delegates also will be as one of the trending in future as validators is to serve more than 270,000 DDK platform users and received FREE DDK democratically when you are in the ranking of “Active Delegates”. Any services and assistance needed please refer to – https://ddksupport.skc.today/login

In Summary, trend of the cryptocurrency market seems to be on a replay: the prices of cryptocurrencies go up in a minute and in another hour, declines faster than it rose. Initially, in order to make money through cryptocurrency, a trader or investor was required to either trade (buy and sell) using Cryptocurrencies or mine them. However, the recent state of the market has made traders and investors seek new ways through which they can make a profit through cryptocurrency. Regardless of the current market highs and lows, cryptocurrency staking is a way of generating passive income to holders of coins. Hurry up and take this opportunity to be part of DDK Community with a Green Technology of DPOS! Increase the security of your assets with DDK Decentralized platform ?

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